The future of building inspection and maintenance


Vertify Analytics combines the flexibility and speed of drones with an online software tool that organizes and manages all the visual data.

We reduce the inspection time from days to hours, while offering users 100% visual coverage of an exterior so critical details are never missed and information is easily accessible to all parties involved with the restoration effort.

Vertical drone path on building facade providing 100% coverage of the building exterior


Image by Daniel von Appen

Vertify Analytics gathers, organizes, and analyzes inspection imagery to streamline the entire building inspection process.

Full buildings scans in hours, not days

Organized dataset in photo grid

Simultaneous photo and thermal data capture

100% coverage of the building's exterior

Historic project archive of all content

Automatic report and bid generation 

Real-time team collaboration 


Local Law Ordinance

Create detailed photographic evidence for civil and client reporting, while providing structural engineers with the best information to base restoration efforts

Bids & Work Orders

Prevent future change orders with the best possible visual information to create project bids and detailed scopes of work

Existing Conditions Surveys

Conduct detailed analysis of neighboring buildings to develop existing condition surveys and protect against future litigation


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